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    The Story Behind Burgeon Bleu

    My wife struggled with bad skin after a reaction to poorly formulated skincare products and we felt the best thing to do was to learn as much as we could about skincare and what goes on our skin. This whole ordeal broke her confidence and would affect our marriage at times, but after a lot of trial and error, research and dermatologist visits we learned quite a lot about skincare and the ingredients frequently used. 

    The countless beauty store visits and professional facials I was encouraged to join did spark an interest in me regarding skin care and beauty. Like many men out there I was very skeptical to skin care at first. But honestly, I ended up loving it!

    As an entrepreneur, I’ve always loved creating businesses. But to create a company where you help people feel confident, look great and age gracefully was something I could not wait to stand behind. With Burgeon Bleu we have produced a range of products that both my wife and I use every day instead of the more expensive brands and products we would previously purchase.

    Behind The Name

    Blue. The color of depth, trust, and confidence. It also translates to blue in French, the land of luxury and quality. To burgeon is to grow and flourish. Our mantra at Burgeon Bleu is to provide "our family" with quality products that make you feel confident and thrive.


    Founder of Burgeon Bleu.